Content that speaks to your clients

Meaningful communication transcends clutter. Writing is just a means to build bridges between ideas and people. I can create Web and marketing content that speaks to your prospective clients in a voice they understand. A voice that motivates them.

Clarity for complex ideas

Translating complex information into compelling prose is my specialty. Editing can help you bring clarity to complicated ideas. I’ve written reports, survey summaries and articles on academic research.

Corporate storytelling that inspires

People remember what inspires them. A moving story is far more powerful than facts and figures. I can help you craft a memorable corporate story to capture people’s imagination, and help them remember you when it counts.

Why me?

I’m a writing geek who wants to make you sound good.  Sometimes my work wins awards. I have 12 years of experience in editing, writing and marketing communications and have worked for organizations like Vancouver Foundation and Douglas College, and freelanced for publications like Canadian Geographic, Alternatives magazine, Edible Vancouver, the Globe and Mail and the Georgia Straight.

My journalistic training means I respect the facts. But I also have the creativity of a fiction writer, which means I can make something out of nothing.

Contact me at:  fehr_kimberley*at*yahoo*dot*com to find out how I can help you with:

* Corporate storytelling
* Web sites
* Advertorials
* Promotional copy
* Blogging
* Reports and surveys
* Speeches and powerpoints
* Brochures
* Newsletters
* Podcasts, email blasts and more