Reports are a form of storytelling. The numbers paint the picture and I help infuse it with meaning that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. I love projects with greater meaning and big-picture thinking with the potential to make a difference in how we live.

Vital Signs for Metro Vancouver
Winner of a Gold Wilmer Shields Rich Award from the US-based Council on Foundations

What is the secret to happiness in our region? This Vancouver Foundation report/survey gives our region the grades while shining a light on some troubling statistics.
* Writing, some project management

After the Storm report

Have non-profits found their footing two years after the financial crash? Vancouver Foundation surveyed 575 non-profits in BC to find out. To provide value to organizations that participating, this report also focused on sharing successful strategies of non-profits.

* Writing, design and project management of the survey

Youth Vital Signs
Winner of a Gold Wilmer Shields Rich Award from the US-based Council on Foundations

I helped a group of politically engaged youth share their concerns about the state of our city in a tone designed to appeal to youth and decision makers. The youth presented their findings and this report to City Council.

* Writing, coordination


Give me a hodgepodge of words and I’ll put them in the right order.

Give me a muddle and I’ll distill until we find clarity.

I’ve been editing for over ten years. The only thing I like more than a challenge is a satisfied client.

Vancouver Foundation’s Vital Signs

What is the difference between our perceptions and the reality of life in our region? This Vancouver Foundation report compares a survey with some good and some troubling statistics about life in our region.

*Editing, some writing, project management


Weathering the Storm:
A survey of charities and non-profits
in BC

The market crash of 2008 took a toll on the non-profit sector. Vancouver Foundation surveyed 470 charities to find out how they were coping a year later. Some were surprisingly resilient.

*Editing, some writing, project management