Stories with heart, journeys near and wide — I only want to write more. Ask me how good storytelling can help your business. My articles have been published in the Canadian Geographic, Georgia Straight, the Globe and Mail, Alternatives, Vancouver Foundation Magazine, Edible Vancouver and the Toronto Star, among others.
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Toronto Star
Canoe Fever
I went to the Mighty Madawaska with a wild whim

Globe and Mail
A solo standup paddleboard journey on serene Georgian Bay
Take your canoeing to the next level on the mighty Madawaska
Fantasy hopping at New York’s Theme Bars
A stomping ground for Celtic Talent
Exploring an island of oddities

CBC Life
The surprising secrets of Sandbanks
The beginner’s guide to canoeing: basic strokes for paddling folks

Write Magazine
Writers’ purgatory: eradicating your pesky pet words

Alternatives Magazine
DamNation: Letting rivers return to nature by removing aged and obsolete dams
Farming class

Canadian Geographic
B.C.’s forestry future
It’s saplings vs. climate change, ‘Survivor’ style

Vancouver Province
This happy hour that never ends

Georgia Straight
Birds flock and gigolos hustle in the Gambia
Hiking the Corcovado, there’s no turning back
Kettle Valley bike trail rises from the ashes

Travellers lend hand to leatherbacks 

Vancouver Foundation Magazine
Environmental stories
Sowing the seeds
Bird’s-eye view
Safeguarding the Delta
The story of the dory

Business stories
A spark of genius

Pumping up – strong bodies make strong minds
Tradition in the making and breaking
Bead by bead
A room with a view
Finding a voice
You go, girls!

Reclaiming the revue
The music plays on
Men, babies and books
Catching a ride on the Martin 16
A place to unpack
Hitting the books again
Earn a bike

Edible Vancouver
The can-do-spirit
Want to buy local? Join the club
Farmer in the sky

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